Don't Expect
Anything Sensible

An independent games studio based in Bristol. To receive updates and alpha invitations, sign up below.

Play the alpha of our latest game here Play our infinite runner game


Runny block (beta)

Avoid obstacles and collect game-changing powerups for as long as possible!


Match pairs of shapes in a relaxed memory game.

Shimi Paperfish (alpha)

An in-progress fishing game, inspired by Stardew Valley.


Move falling blocks to clear lines in our Tetris clone.

Noughts and Crosses

Play against the computer in the classic match-three game.


Re-live Nokia's glory days.


Dodge bullets and defeat the boss - in space!


Extremely basic tennis.

Other projects

Get On With It

A Pomodoro and Tabata timer - stay focussed at work, or time your workouts.

Random Number Picker

Lots of random number utilities - random letter, coin toss, magic 8-ball, dice rolls and more.

How Good Is My Password?

Tool to check password strength and see how long it would take a computer to crack.


Convert pictures to ascii art

Random Team Generator

Split a list into randomly-generated teams.

Check Yourself

Set reminders to check blood sugar levels for diabetics.

Today's Pollen Count

Check what the pollen count is today.

RGB to Hex converter

Convert colour codes between hex and RGB formats.